Kaywoodie Handmade Yachtsman Smooth



Kaywoodie Handmade Yachtsman.

So I have been busy trying to source more unique styles of Kaywoodie handmades. I think we have succeded.

Get on the Yacht!

Anyone who collects Kaywoodies will remember the Yachtsman shape. It is sorta a ZULU, sorta a bent DUBLIN, call it what you want but you have to call it sexy.

I was able to get 2 examples for you guys, cherry picked with the best damn grain you can buy. These handmades give you a huge amount of quality and value for the money I charge. Bill Feuerbach made these as the 2010 Pipe Of The Year and had a few stummels left over  in a box and I got him to finish them out. Kind of great because you are getting wood that was already old when he turned them and now is another 9 years old. The blasts are gorgeous, the smooth is down right stunning. As always these beauties have no fills and you can easily see how nice the wood it on the tan blast and polished. They have amazing grain. Did I say they are full of beautiful grain? They are full of beautiful grain.


Bowl ID 3/4″

Bowl Depth 1.7″

OAL about 7″

44 – 50g

In stock

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